Doggy Play Date


Teddy and Maddie: Best Buddies

I am well aware that one of my kids has paws, so it’s only fitting that I arrange for him to have play dates just as I did when my human children were younger. Teddy had a play date with his friend, Maddie, who is also a Bichon. She is older than Ted but still has a lot of spring in her step as she was walking circles around Teddy in our neighborhood. I think she must have been intrigued by all of the new scents to explore. Sometimes dogs love a change of scenery, especially when they’ve been sniffing the same spots over and over — it’s a bit monotonous. So having an outing with Ted was certainly a treat for Ms. Maddie!

The day started with us picking up Maddie at her house. Then we drove over to the groomers! Fabulous Fur Grooming does an excellent job with the pups. While they were getting their makeovers, I was out food shopping so I could make a vegan chili. This process kept me occupied until I received the call that the pups were ready to be picked up (always an exciting moment for an over-anxious dog mom).

They were thrilled to see me and so proud to show off their new puppy cuts. We went for an evening stroll and then had some play time with some of Ted’s numerous toys. He was very good about sharing his belongings. After dinner, the three of us snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. I have to admit that I was very toasty and warm with not one but TWO cute little pups on my lap! Okay, my legs were a bit cramped after being in the same position for 90 minutes so as not to disturb their post-dinner slumber, but it was worth it. Maddie even snored a bit! It was just so cute.

After the movie, it was time to take Maddie back to her house where she was reunited with her mommy. Mommy was very pleased with Maddie’s new haircut and Teddy, I believe, was also pleased to drop her off so he could have full access to my lap again. It was nice to spend a day playing with his friend, but it was also nice to have that special kindred connection back again that can only be had when it’s just Mom and Ted.


Simultaneous bladder relief! Teddy and Maddie in synchronicity!

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