Smiles for Miles

Last Saturday, Ted and I had the most profoundly rewarding experience of our young lives. We visited my 95-year-old uncle in his rehabilitation center (nursing home). Now, my uncle is legally blind and can only hear with the assistance of an FM microphone system, but something nearly miraculous took place — he KNEW that Teddy was by his side.


He remarked, “Hey there little white doggie! I just had some pot roast. I wish I could have shared it with you, but I didn’t know you’d be coming!”

My uncle then proceeded to share the rest of his green beans and carrots with Ted, which was just fine with me considering I’m a pescatarian (I eat fish, not chicken or beef). Not only did Ted thoroughly enjoy eating my uncle’s leftovers, he even let my uncle hold him on his lap. Now, for those of you who know Ted, you know that he is not exactly the friendliest of pups when it comes to men, but little Ted made an exception in this case.

When one of the housekeepers came in to empty the trash bin, Ted gave her a proper speaking to as he got into protection mode with my uncle. This was a first! I was later told that indeed Ted was a proper judge of character in this case.

On our way out of the center, I overheard two women in wheelchairs say to each other, “See, I told you there was a doggie in there!” and so we stopped to say hi. It was obvious that they were lingering so that they could get a good view of the canine visitor. They were so happy to see Ted, and he was happy to oblige them with a few pats on the head and ears. As we made our way to the elevator, we stopped no less than 15 times to let these smiling residents give Ted a pat or two, or even a “boop” on the nose. As we rounded the corner, there were yet even more residents who were beaming with joy when they saw that I had a doggie in my arms. Ted truly was a therapy dog for the day and brought back many fond memories of pets for many of the residents, and he brought smiles, dear readers — SMILES FOR MILES!!!


Ted visits with Uncle Z!

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