2017 Has Officially Gone to the Dogs!


Look at all those wagging tails!

The year 2017 could have been a better year for me, let’s be honest, but let’s be honest again . . . it could have been a LOT worse had it not been for all of the pups in my life who have supported me.

In 2017, we met Lucy the beagle — she is a love and a treasure, and her birthday was on Christmas Day!

In 2017, we helped to rescue Bailey, our golden retriever friend.

In 2017, we got to know Lola better, my brother’s diva of a doggy.

In 2017, we got to meet Zoey and welcome her (and her really sharp puppy teeth) into our doggy family.

In 2017, we got to have play dates at Max and Molly‘s house!

In 2017, we got to meet Pal. Pal has been kicked out of every groomer he has ever gone to — hard to believe for being such a sweet boy. He must be really attached to his hair.

In 2017, we grew our friendship with Peanut, the chihuahua who sometimes lives across the street.

In 2017, we met some new friends at the dog park.

In 2017, we met Carly, a gorgeous and well-behaved dog who is so sweet and so quiet.

In 2017, we played with Maddie and went to be groomed together.

In 2017, we met Lola, another Bichon, who is in need of a grooming — she looks like a different breed with all of that hair, something akin to a white lion.

In 2017, we met Finn, a gorgeous golden retriever who likes to chase tennis balls.


Lola’s in the house!


The only dog we didn’t get a chance to visit is Tarsha, my mother-in-law’s Yorkshire Terrier who lives in Florida. Teddy expressed a keen interest to go and visit her this winter, as soon as possible, for some reason. Could it be because the average temperature over the last three days was 5 degrees? Hmmm . . .

This year’s holiday season was one of the best for me. Traditionally, a lot of emotional baggage rears its ugly head, making me forlorn and depressed and dreading the awkwardness of family gatherings. This year, the dogs made the difference. Zoey dropped in and spent some time with us, Lola stopped by to hang out with Teddy, and it was just a lot of fun being in the presence of dogs, who make us present. Watching them be in the moment, content to have a snack, or chew on a dental stick, or poke their heads into gift bags looking for treats — they have a way of keeping us tethered to the present, experiencing their joy over the little things.

The wisdom of dogs made my 2017 a bit brighter, a bit better, and a bit more blessed by their presence in our lives.


Ted & Ted’s Mom


Lola is such a loving dog!





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