Is There a Dog-tor in the House?

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling that well over the last few days. I think it started when I took Teddy and Zoey for a really long walk in the freezing temperatures — make that below-freezing — temperatures last week. The cold air settled into my lungs, and there it settled, and settled, and settled, and now I can hardly talk. But hey, at least I can write, right?


Dogtor Ted makes house calls.

One night, when I just couldn’t get warm, my legs started to shiver. Teddy KNEW I wasn’t feeling well, and decided to LAY DOWN on my legs so they would stop shivering. He has been SO GOOD TO ME over the last few days. His snuggles work much better than a heating blanket.

I haven’t been able to do much more than sleep, wake up, go to the bathroom, stay hydrated, and then go back to sleep. I guess it’s kind of like a dog’s life, when I think about it, right? So I guess I’m not cramping Ted’s style too much then. I was thinking that he might get bored with my inactivity, but then I just now realized that this is what he does . . . every day . . .

He is patient with me. He is kind. He shows me mercy and compassion. Dogs know what love is all about.


This is the face I wake up to every day. How lucky am I?

Teddy may know me better than anyone else in my life. He can read my moods with a look. He can anticipate my needs. He reminds me to take my medication. He forgives me if I can’t walk him (my kids have been picking up my slack as I recuperate from this chest cold). He makes sure I get my rest. He provides me with 17 pounds of body heat nuzzled into my legs to help me get a good night’s sleep. How can I ever thank him enough? How can I thank him for being the best dogtor a patient could have?

Our dogs don’t ask for much — some food, some water, a couple of walks — but they give us so much more than that.

“Dogs are not whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

24 thoughts on “Is There a Dog-tor in the House?

  1. I think our dogs know what’s going on with us all the time, better than we do. Last year I had the flu BAD. Dusty and Bear LOVE walks, but they knew I was sick. I also had the realization that I was just doing what they do all the time. Lying around. They are good nurses. Good job, Teddy T. Dog!

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    • Their intuition is crazy good. When my daughter was sick with the stomach bug this summer, he would NOT leave her side. He even slept in the hallway with her so she could be near the bathroom. He was soo devoted to her during that time. They are definitely heaven-sent.

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  2. He just loves you so much. They have special senses and can tell something is wrong. He’s such a love bug. Feel better and if you need anything call me.

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