Love is in the Air . . .


A selfie that includes two dogs is incredibly hard to accomplish!Β 

Who is Ted’s valentine, you may ask? Well, Jojo is, of course. We definitely have a case of puppy love here. Just look at the two of them! They even coordinated their outfits today!


Just two dogs celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Jojo saw that Ted was wearing his red harness, and she just insisted that I put the black and red jacket on her. She also insisted that we walk over to a special place today. Instead of the usual walk around the neighborhood, she preferred a more romantic setting so we strolled over to the local golf course where the two lovebirds could have a little moment of serenity, imagining the fields to be a little greener, the weather to be a little warmer, and the sun to be a little brighter.


Jojo and Ted share a moment — look at how color-coordinated they are!

After our stroll through the soon-to-be-green (fingers crossed here for an early Spring) golf course, we went back to Jojo’s place. Here is a picture of Ted being a gentleman by letting her have the first drink of water after their walk.


Ted waits patiently for Jojo to finish quenching her thirst.

It just goes to show you, this Valentine’s Day, that true love is true love. Height shouldn’t matter. Weight shouldn’t matter. Color shouldn’t matter. Heck, even gender shouldn’t matter. The heart wants what the heart wants. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are — flaws and all.

So not just on this day, but every day, if you have a partner, tell them how much you appreciate them. And if you don’t have a partner, look in the mirror and tell yourself at least five things that you like about yourself, then treat yourself to a nice glass of red wine, or a movie on Netflix, or maybe even a niceΒ box of chocolates plate of nachos. And realize that since you don’t have a partner . . . you don’t have to share the wine, and you get to choose the movie, and most of all, you do NOT have to share the NACHOS! YUM!

Enjoy your day,

Ted, Ted’s Mom and Jojo

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