Ted Has a House Guest


Maddie has come to stay for a week with Ted!

The only thing better than one Bichon Frise is TWO Bichon Frises! Did we mention that a Bichon Frise won the Westminster Dog Show this year? Indeed, I’m sure Ted’s popularity had something to do with influencing the results.

So, Maddie saw Ted’s post about Valentine’s Day with Jojo, and she insisted on staying here for a week to try and win back her man. They are pretty compatible, being the same breed and all, but Ted gets a little jealous when Maddie tries to snuggle too close to me.


Looks like I’m seeing double here!

They are great walkers. Maddie has a little more pep in her step than Ted, even though she is a bit older than him. She loves to be taken for walks. She also likes to follow me wherever I go . . . EVERYWHERE I go. It’s like I have two white shadows following me around the house.

Last Friday I took them to visit my Aunt Mem for a while. She fed them her leftovers while I did some errands. Maddie made herself comfortable on my aunt’s couch while Ted whimpered a little bit because Mom was MIA for an hour.


It’s kind of like walking bookends . . .

While it is a little cramped in my bed, it’s nice for Ted to have some company. Stay tuned later this week for their day at the groomers! Oh, and after tonight’s walk in the snow, we are looking forward to the 60-degree weather expected on Tuesday when we expect to hit the dog park.


Ted, Ted’s Mom & Maddie

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