This Dog Was Made for Walkin’


Like Nancy Sinatra’s boots, Ted was made for walking!

Ted is ecstatic that sunny and warm weather has finally arrived in New England. This winter was definitely a challenge for our young pup as we endured salted roads, bone-chilling temperatures, and overall malaise at being stuck indoors — not to mention the fact that I feared losing sight of him in a snowstorm.


There’s nothing better than spending a day with the dogs!

We absolutely LOVE to spend time by the beach. Ted’s friends, Diva and Daisy, came along for the ride/walk as we strolled along the local oceanfront.


Doggies and their shadows

If the dogs can see their shadows, does that mean winter is finally officially over?


Two dogs or two fluffballs?

Well, here’s to hoping to a long and productive walking season for Ted and myself, and any of his other doggy friends who want to come along.

Yours in the love of sunshine,

Ted, Ted’s Mom, Daisy & Diva