Time to Bundle Up!


Ted in his sweater

It’s been pretty mild in New England weather-wise lately, but it was so cold one day that Ted needed to put on a sweater to go for one of his daily strolls. We take about four to five strolls per day, depending on the weather, his mood, and our overall desire for transcendence. Ted can be a bit fickle as to the timing of his walks. If he’d rather be inside snuggling on the couch, he would rather be inside snuggling on the couch, and he will kindly let you know that.

This day, however, he spotted a friend outside and just had to join him right then and there, and so we did. Meet Peanut . . .


Meet Peanut! Ted’s best Chihuahua friend!

Peanut is the grand-dog of our neighbors. He will often come to visit and this just cheers up our neighbors immensely. They are retired, and this little nugget brings oodles of happiness into their household. Not to mention, he brings Teddy a sense of camaraderie during this cold weather as he has someone to strut the streets with, looking so stylish in puppy sweaters!

As they took care of their business, leaving pee messages for each other on each and every mailbox, shrub and hydrant, their humans were not noticing the cold so much because they were distracted by the cuteness of their canine walking companions. These two are just so adorable, and they get along so well. Peanut comes to stay pretty frequently, and Ted always seems to know exactly when because he INSISTS on going to their door before he starts his walk to see if Peanut can come out and play.