Poodle Patrol: Meet Gabby!

This lovely young lady is actually the same age as Mr. Ted. She is yet another NEW WOMAN in Ted’s life.  And she is so HAPPY to meet Teddy. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo below. I do believe the young lady is actually SMILING!


Did you know dogs could smile?

Little Ms. Gabby is a poodle with what they called “phantom” coloring. What you can’t tell by the picture is exactly how DELICIOUS she smells. I don’t know what her mom uses on her, but I CANNOT STOP SNIFFING THIS DOG!


Gabby and Ted’s Mom: Put Your Butt On My Shoulder!

In this photo, Gabby managed to crawl up and perch herself right atop of my shoulder! I’m telling you, this dog has MAD SKILLZ! She can hop like nobody’s business. Dining room table? No problem! She just hops right up. I think she may have better hops than her feline sister.


Gabby and I practice our duck-face selfies!

Gabby is so photogenic. Notice her posing for our duck-faced selfie! She really should be a model. Maybe I’ll put together a calendar called Ted and Friends and sell it somewhere with proceeds going toward the local MSPCA . . . hmmmm . . . the possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration Gabby!


Gabby: This is her majestic pose.

In this photo, I simply told her to look majestic. Looking majestic is a pose that Ted himself has mastered over the years. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the proof: Your Majesty. I think it’s the equivalent of Blue Steel for you Zoolander fans.


Ted breaks out the moves during his meeting with Gabby!

When the Tedster first met the Gabster, he broke out all his finest moves. He said, “Watch me balance on one leg, Gabby!”

After he had her undivided attention, he promptly left her a little something by which to remember him in his absence. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if she wasn’t standing by that tree right now, reminiscing over their first date!!!


Gabby thoroughly enjoys a good game of fetch!

Gabby would not be outdone by Mr. Ted’s moves, and so she showed him some moves of her own. Check out her perfect tennis-ball-fetching technique! She performed this move not once, not twice, but approximately THIRTY (30) times [not an exaggeration]. I guess she wanted to leave an indelible impression on Ted, and that she did. As I pen this narrative, he is looking longingly out the front window, counting the seconds until their next meeting. Until then . . .

Wishing all of our followers much love and serenity,

Ted & Ted’s Mom


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