Baby, It’s Beyond Cold Outside!

My poor baby was walking like a geriatric patient over the weekend when temps in my neck of the woods topped out at about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, negative a bunch with the windchill. Now, one of my very pawesome blogger friends told me about Musher’s Secret Paw treatment, which had worked very well on Ted’s paws up until this weekend. Man, all bets were off on Saturday.

My heart broke for him as he literally could not tolerate walking long enough to even take a pee, never mind a poop! His gait was all kinds of uneven as he gingerly made his way back to the house. I wiped off his paws and tried yet again. No luck. I was distraught. I was beside myself with worry.

I put some pee pee pads down in the house to let him know that it was okay for him to go if he had to . . . he did drop a yule log or two by the fireplace, but he wouldn’t pee in the house.

Immediate action was required . . . and since I couldn’t really book a last-minute flight to Florida on such short notice, I went to Petsmart . . . I perused all of the aisles. I saw some of these latex booties, but I heard they fell off easily. They also had some of the little velcro boots that I had tried on him before to no avail.

I was just about to give up when I saw them. Here they are in all their glory:


Aren’t they adorable? My family looked at me as if to say, “Do you really think he’s going to let you put those on him?” to which I replied, “Why yes, yes, he will . . . because he NEEDS TO PEE!!!”


Ted graciously models his new fashionable socks!

As I predicted, he very cautiously let me put his little socks on his little paws, and out we went! I think even the neighbors could hear me sigh as he relieved himself on a snowbank. I was so happy and proud of him!

Of course, right when we got back into the house he proceeded to attack his socks, because that’s what he does. See post The Sock Thief! 


Ted’s new paw-saving socks!

I’m really glad that these socks did the trick, because I was almost to the point of bringing him inside the store with me so he could . . . anyway, that’s all for now folks!

A very relieved,

Ted’s Mom & Ted

29 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Beyond Cold Outside!

  1. Teddy… My dog Denali completely understands your pain. When he goes to daycare he will run so hard that the floor coating can really be hard on his paws. We use Vitamin D with hemp oil and it really helps. We’ve used socks as cute as a button like yours and the dude rips it off as soon as we get it on.. He’s also 70 lbs and you gotta hold him down to get anything on. We use a tiny bit of first aid tape to keep it him from ripping it off..

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  2. Scout uses a rabbit tray full of sawdust. It’s easy to clean up. I own my own land with lots moss. The moss will work in a pinch. Now, I keep the tray outside but if he ever gets to point where he can’t go out I can bring his potty in long enough to take care of business.

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  3. lI loved this post! You are a dog lover like me. I would do anything for my dog. I love those little socks – and so colorful. How wonderful that he let you put them on and he actually wore them. I am glad they did the job! You are a great mom!

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  4. So glad you found those socks. Poor little guy, maybe these will work if only to go pee, if you need to tape them, oh well, it’s only for his own benefit. Good mommy.

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