Seeing Double?


Two pooches on window patrol!

As I drive down my street and pull into my driveway, I have to remind myself that I’m not seeing double — it’s just that there are TWO dogs looking out the window keeping TWO sets of eyes on the neighborhood comings and goings. While they disagree sometimes over where and when they would like to walk, they are united in their terrorization of any delivery person who dares to come to our house, or the next-door neighbor’s, or the neighbor across the street, heck they can even see the mail truck on the other street, so yeah, there’s a lot of yipping and yapping going on here these days.


Maddie and Teddy are a Neighborhood Watch patrol of two!

These guys are very cute though, so I don’t mind the extra noise. And I do enjoy the extra snuggles I receive as I curl up with my book and/or Netflix. Maddie is usually squeezed in on my left side, and Ted is on my right.


Ted and Maddie have their eye on a wayward cat who dares to cross the yard.Β 

These two little balls of fluff even got to play in the snow yesterday, while Maddie’s owner is in sunny Florida looking for a retirement home. Am I jealous? Hella yes! What I’m thinking though is that she will be so grateful that we took such great care of her doggy daughter that we will be receiving one of the first invitations to the new digs next winter! In fact, I’m counting on it. Do I mind that Maddie peed on my new living room rug, not once but twice? Hey, these things happen. I figured for each time she wees on the floor, that’s equivalent to a week’s worth of Florida vacation, right? And those little yellow pee spots are the same shape and color of that ever-elusive sun. Coincidence? I think not. Just in case, though, I’m holding off on booking my flight for now . . .

Barely surviving the winter blues,

Teds Mom, Ted & Maddie

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