Trouble in Paradise?


Can you tell by their body language that they’ve had a few disagreements lately? It’s almost like they’re an old married couple now. She stands; he lays down. She wants to walk; he wants to nap. It reminds me of a song by The Kinks called “Labor of Love.” There’s a line in it that goes, “One head wants to go to the movies and the other wants to stay in bed. Marriage is a two-headed transplant . . .” Yada yada yada, you get the idea.

They even disagreed on chasing the FedEx driver. Ted was all about it and Maddie turned her butt to the situation. See below for evidence:

I guess every couple, even canine couples, can have their ups and downs. And so I did what any sane adult would do to improve their relationship. I brought some food into the mix — cream cheese to be exact. It was a veritable Lady and the Tramp moment.


Maddie and Ted bond over cream cheese.

And so there you have it folks. This rocky road is smoothed over with the creamy deliciousness of a sumptuous snack.

As my good friend Willy Shakespeare once wrote,
“The course of true love never did run smooth.”


With Puppy Love,

Maddie, Ted & Ted’s Mom


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